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Fostering a Puppy


Several months ago, I found an Indian breed puppy, probably a week-old, on the road near my house. It seemed that he was abandoned by his mother, and he was looking very weak with colds too. A neighbor said that his siblings died already and he was the only one surviving. I took pity on him and decided to care for him just until he can be on his own. I couldn’t adopt him since I already have two dogs, which are quite large breeds and I know that they won’t be gentle with him, so I decided to foster him for a month or so.

indian-dog-puppy02 indian-dog-puppy01

Since I had no plan of keeping him permanently, I didn’t give him a name, I just called him the “new guy” and I tried not to get too emotionally attached to him since I know that once I get too close to him, it would be impossible for me to let go of him. When I took him in, he was so small that he still couldn’t even see. He was so tiny that he looked like a mouse, not a puppy. Every four hours, I would feed him with Cerelac mixed with some puppy food. Luckily, I still had some leftover puppy food which Luna and Luci stopped eating. I also gave him deworming and some vitamins. After a couple of weeks, he was bigger and his colds were gone. He had also become more energetic.

indian-dog-puppy04 indian-dog-puppy08

After 3 weeks, he had improved a lot, but I was still not sure if he was ready to be with other stray dogs. I decided to put an adoption ad in Quikr online. I was quite doubtful whether I would get a reply because most of the ads for adoption online are for dogs of an imported breed, not Indian breed dogs. Luckily, I got a couple of replies to my adoption ads. After talking to them,  I was finally able to give “New Guy” to his permanent human parents. I was happy that he will have a permanent home but was also worried whether he will be properly cared and fed. I still contact the couple who adopted “New Guy”, and I still think of him every now and then.