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Fostering a Puppy


Several months ago, I found an Indian breed puppy, probably a week-old, on the road near my house. It seemed that he was abandoned by his mother, and he was looking very weak with colds too. A neighbor said that his siblings died already and he was the only one surviving. I took pity on him and decided to care for him just until he can be on his own. I couldn’t adopt him since I already have two dogs, which are quite large breeds and I know that they won’t be gentle with him, so I decided to foster him for a month or so.

indian-dog-puppy02 indian-dog-puppy01

Since I had no plan of keeping him permanently, I didn’t give him a name, I just called him the “new guy” and I tried not to get too emotionally attached to him since I know that once I get too close to him, it would be impossible for me to let go of him. When I took him in, he was so small that he still couldn’t even see. He was so tiny that he looked like a mouse, not a puppy. Every four hours, I would feed him with Cerelac mixed with some puppy food. Luckily, I still had some leftover puppy food which Luna and Luci stopped eating. I also gave him deworming and some vitamins. After a couple of weeks, he was bigger and his colds were gone. He had also become more energetic.

indian-dog-puppy04 indian-dog-puppy08

After 3 weeks, he had improved a lot, but I was still not sure if he was ready to be with other stray dogs. I decided to put an adoption ad in Quikr online. I was quite doubtful whether I would get a reply because most of the ads for adoption online are for dogs of an imported breed, not Indian breed dogs. Luckily, I got a couple of replies to my adoption ads. After talking to them,  I was finally able to give “New Guy” to his permanent human parents. I was happy that he will have a permanent home but was also worried whether he will be properly cared and fed. I still contact the couple who adopted “New Guy”, and I still think of him every now and then.


Eat, Baby, Eat

labrador puppy husky02

Sometimes, well, most of the times, Luna, a Siberian Husky, acts as a loving mother to Luci, a Labrador. Ever since I got Luci, Luna would carefully play with her and always patient with her. Below are the pictures of Luna watching Luci eats. Luna didn’t even try to take the food from Luci, and she was just staring at her all the time.

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Luci, the labrador in Dreamland

luci labrador sleeps

I like taking photos of my dogs but for Luci, it is quite difficult to take photo specially when using only my phone camera as she is very gullible. She is very active and moves a lot. Whenever I take her photos, they always end up blurred, it is only a luck if I can get a good shot on her. So, whenever she is asleep, I try to take as much pictures as I can because it is the only time that I can get good shots of her.

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