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Luna’s Bee Allergy


The other day, my 6-month-old husky, Luna, just suddenly had a swollen face like the picture below. I didn’t take her picture because I felt bad for taking her picture in her worst moment, though I was really tempted so I can show here to let other dog owners what happened to her and may help them, but in the end, I decided not to take a snap of her swollen face, instead, I’m posting a photo I found in newdogsite.com (thanks!). The photo is the exact replica of what happened to my husky.

6mos-siberian-husky-lunaIn the morning, I noticed a small bump of her snout. I thought she just hit herself on the table so I did not worry, however after 2 hours, the bump grew larger and her eyes became puffy. I saw that she was trying to scratch it too. I immediately search the net of what might be the problem and saw pictures of dogs with the same condition. I learned that this may be the cause of bee or insect sting and that the puppy is having an allergic reaction. I think she got stung by a bee or other insect because she likes chasing and playing with them whenever she finds one inside the house. As I search for the cure, I put a cold compress on her snout to reduce the itchiness. I saw that she liked it and she stopped scratching. There were many bits of advice on the net on what to do and what medicine to give. But since I was afraid to give her any medicine without consulting the vet doctor, I decided to bring her to the doctor.

Luckily, the doctor in the vet clinic was in, and she was immediately given an injection for the allergy. The doctor checked Luna and looked for any signs of the leftover sting. He said that the puffiness will reduce after few hours and that she will be fine. I was relieved because from what I saw, my husky’s face had become like a bulldog’s. The doctor even joked that she was now a bulldog, not a husky anymore.

After I brought her home, she slept till dinnertime. The swell had reduced but at night time, she was starting to scratch her face again and her snout had become red. I went to the drugstore and bought an anti-histamine tablet and had her taken it. The next day, she was good as new and back to being playful but sweet little Siberian husky.

right side photo credit: New Dog Site

Luna’s First Bath

6mos-siberian-husky-lunaLuna, my Siberian Husky puppy, is my first dog pet so without having any experience on puppy care, I always asked the vet doctor and pet shop owners on how to care my puppy, including when to give her the first bath. I was torn on when to give her the first bath because I got mixed advice. Some said to give after 3 months while others say after vaccination and few said to give immediately.  So, as soon as I decided the right time for Luna to give her bath, I immediately bought her shampoo, but before that, I’ve visited and read a dozen of online articles and youtube videos on how to give bath to puppies.

Before the bath:

1. Buy dog shampoo not human shampoo. Check your pet shop for varieties of shampoo, but ask for feedback from other dog owners.

2. You need: dog shampoo, big brush, towel, sponge, dog treat, leash (if your puppy is afraid of water)

3. Prepare the water. Lukewarm is good, not cold or hot.

4. Brush the puppy to remove soil and untangle fur.

During the bath:

1. Leash the puppy in the bathing place. Use short leash so the puppy will not move around so much. Be ready to get wet 🙂

2. Avoiding the ears and eyes, pour water on the puppy’s body until fully wet.

3. Mix the shampoo to a small amount of water. Dip the sponge on the shampoo mixture and lather on the puppy’s body. Scrub the body, don’t forget the stomach and legs, using the sponge and brush.

4. Rinse. Make sure that all the shampoo is rinsed. This is also the time that you can clean the ears and teeth.

5. Dry with the towel. If the puppy has long fur, you can blow dry the fur.

After bath:

1. Give the puppy a treat for doing a good job. 😀

Luna did wonderfully but I was fully wet because she constantly trying to make herself dry by shaking the water off her body. It was great after the bath, she smelled really good. I took some pictures after the bath but not able to take during the bath, it just slipped my mind because I was so focused on her.

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