A Husky n A Lab

Luna, the Husky, 1st Birthday

Luna, our beautiful husky, will turn 3 this February, but I’ve not posted the pictures of her first birthday last 2013. So, though almost 3 years late, here they are! She had a pretty and delicious cake, gifts from mom and dad, Luci got gift too, of course! Then, we decorated the living room with ribbons, though she never noticed them. At the strike of 12, dad and mom and sister Luci, the labrador, all sang the birthday song. Daddy cut the cake and gave the birthday celebrant a big slice, but of course, Luci had one too, and the rest was for mom and dad. After the cake, both enjoyed their gifts, two big, hard bones!

The Stray Dog that Adopted Trekkers on Race


There has been a lot of media coverage about a stray dog named, Arthur, who joined a team of Swedish trekkers on an endurance race in the Amazon. The web is buzzing with this cute and awesome story of Arthur and his adopted team who though finished 12th place in the race but first in media attention, thanks to this interesting stray dog who showed strength, zeal, and determination not to be left behind by his adopted team, on a race which is a combination of continuous hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and kayaking over a successive number of days.

Arthur-dog-in-water Arthur-dog-trekking.jpg

When the captain of Team Peak Performance, Mikael Lindnord, tossed a piece of meatloaf to a scruffy looking stray dog, it was also the time that he not only share his lunch but also got a new friend, whom he later called, Arthur, after King Arthur. Since that day, Arthur never left the team and kept up with them for the 20-mile hike and 36-mile kayaking down a river. Even when the four athletes decided to leave Arthur behind due to his safety during the kayak race, he swam out to follow them, desperately doggie-paddling to keep up until Lindnord grabbed and pulled him onto his kayak. After the race, Arthur was brought to the vet for weakness and exhaustion due to the race and old wounds. Amazingly, Arthur has not only finished it but also found a permanent home in Sweden as Lindnord decided to adopt him.

This is the kind of story that will inspire everyone. It shows the characteristics of Arthur that we, humans, can emulate. It also displays the compassion Mikael Lindnord had to that small creature, a compassion that gave him back great companion, a man’s true best friend.


photo credit: Grind TV

Do’s and Dont’s on Greeting a Dog that’s NOT Your Pet

Once a dog lover, always a dog lover, and sometimes we can’t just control ourselves but to reach out to that four-legged furry which is loaded with truckload of cuteness, the dog. However, we oftentimes forget that not all are created equal and same, so never treat the next-door nor the next-street doggie the same way you smothered your cutie-pie pet dog.

Below are the Do’s and the Don’ts, just a simple reminder to us dog lovers out there to avoid painful experiences of having the canine teeth sunken in your hand, or arm, or leg. (click photo to enlarge)

dos and donts greeting dog